Updating IDS NXT OS



The IDS NXT cameras are based on the Vision standard and are updated using a GUF file, just like a Vision camera.

  1. It is strongly recommended to use the IDS NXT cockpit 2.2 (or higher) to update IDS NXT OS.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the "ids_deviceupdate" tool to update IDS NXT OS. The "ids_deviceupdate" tool can be found in the installation directory of the IDS NXT cockpit. The procedure varies depending on how the camera obtains its IP address.

Updating cameras with IDS NXT OS 1.0
If a camera is to be updated that is still running with IDS NXT OS 1.0, it is recommended that the camera gets its IP address via DHCP, since the camera uses DHCP in service mode by default.

Updating per IDS NXT cockpit   

You can use the IDS NXT cockpit 2.2 or higher to upload the update to the camera using the GUF file.

  1. Open the IDS NXT cockpit.
  2. Select the camera to be updated in the Finder.
  3. Click on menu icon on the right and select the "IDS NXT OS update" menu entry.
  4. Select the GUF file.
  5. Click on "Install".
    The IDS NXT OS update can take several minutes. Wait until it is finished.

Updating per command line tool   

IP adress with DHCP

If you start the IDS NXT OS update by double-clicking on the GUF file, all corresponding models in the network are updated automatically. If you want to update only a specific camera, follow the instructions below.

Use the "ids_deviceupdate" tool to transfer the update to the camera via the GUF file. The "ids_deviceupdate" tool can be found in the installation directory of the IDS NXT cockpit, e.g. under C:/Program Files/IDS/ids_nxt_cockpit_2_0/visiontools. The command line tool allows you to choose the camera explicitly for the update.

  1. Open the "ids_deviceupdate" command line tool.
  2. List all available cameras with:
    ids_deviceupdate.exe --list-all
  3. Select a specific camera by the last digits of its serial number and start the update, e.g.
    ids_deviceupdate.exe -s *6675 --guf "c:\GUF\NXT-GS29016-C_[version].guf" -U
  4. Confirm the update with "y".
    The IDS NXT OS update can take several minutes. Wait until it is finished.

An IDS NXT cameras is a complete system consisting of different components, therefore 2 version numbers are distinguished during the update: DeviceRuntimeSystemVersion and DeviceSensorFirmwareVersion.
However, when querying ids_deviceupdate --list-device-versions, the camera will not display a valid version number because this command queries the version number in DeviceFirmwareVersion.

IP addess without DHCP

If the camera cannot obtain the IP address via DHCP, the camera uses the Zeroconf method.

  1. Boot the camera manually into service mode (more information can be found in the "IDS NXT - Setup" manual). The IP address of the camera may change due to Zeroconf.
  2. Make sure that the camera and host are in the same subnet.
  3. The following steps are identical to the description under IP address with DHCP.

After the IDS NXT OS update, the camera is automatically started in runtime mode.

Appendix: Options of the command line tool "ids_deviceupdate"   

Common options

-h [ --help ] Produce help message
--usage [=arg(=0)] Print usage examples (detail level 0=Beginner, 1=Expert, 2=Guru)
-v [ --version ] Print version string
--wait-timeout arg (=0) General wait timeout in ms. (Considered by chosen functions only!)
-V [ --verbose ] arg (=1) Set verbosity level (-3=Silent, -2=Output, -1=Error, 0=Warning, 1=Info, 2=Extra)
--stop-on-error [=arg(=0)] Stop on Error and do not close the console immediately.

Cti selection

--cti arg Select cti file (e.g. --cti "Path/tl.cti").
--cti-dirs arg Select cti search directories (e.g. --cti-by-type "Path/folderWithcits").
--cti-by-type arg Select cti by type (e.g. --cti-by-type "MIXED" or "GEV" or "U3V").
--cti-by-vendor arg Select cti by vendor name (e.g. --cti-by-vendor "IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH").
--list-ctis List ctis
--cti-info Print cti info for all detected ctis.

Interface selection

--list-interfaces List interfaces
--interface-by-id arg Select interface by id (e.g. --interface-by-id "IDS GigE Vision Ifc@90-E2-BA-B4-02-19").
--interface-by-type arg Select interface by type (e.g. --interface-by-type "U3V" or "GEV").
-M [ --interface-by-mac ] arg Select GigE Vision interface by mac (e.g. -M "00:1b:a2:20:09:0c").
-I [ --interface-by-ip ] arg Select GigE Vision interface by IP (e.g. -I "").

Device selection

-L [ --list-devices ] List devices.
-l [ --list-all ] List interfaces and devices.
-u [ --device-by-user-name ] arg Select device by user defined name (e.g. -u "camera").
-s [ --device-by-serial ] arg Select device by serial number (e.g. -s "4103114690").
-m [ --device-by-mac ] arg Select GigE Vision device by mac (e.g. -m "00:1b:a2:20:09:0c").
--device-by-ip arg Select GigE Vision device by ip (e.g. --device-by-ip "").
--device-by-id arg Select device by id (e.g. --device-by-id IDS/GV-526xFA-C/4103114690).
--device-by-model arg Select device by model name (e.g. --device-by-model "GV-526xFA-C").
--wait-for-devices [=arg(=1)] Wait until number of devices becomes available. One may specify a wait timeout by the option --wait-timeout, floored to 200ms.

Firmware update

-g [ --guf ] arg Select single guf file (e.g. -g "Path/update.guf").
-G [ --guf-dir ] arg Select all guf files in directory (e.g. -G "Path/folderWithGufs").
-P [ --list-updates ] List info about guf file.
--list-updateable-devices List available updatable devices fitting to guf file.
--list-device-versions List version info of available devices.
-U [ --update-latest ] Update to latest version.
-f [ --force ] Force update. Do not prompt.
--parallel Update multiple devices simultaneously.
-t [ --device-reset-discovery-timeout-ms] arg (=60000) Defines the discovery timeout during device reset in milliseconds.


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