Release Notes for IDS GigE Vision Firmware 2.10



These release notes describe the changes of the GigE Vision Firmware 2.10 which adds support for new hardware revisions.

Given the current worldwide bottleneck situation regarding various electronic and semiconductor components used in a broad variety of products, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH also faces constraints in manufacturing some of our cameras. To be able to serve you with the products listed below in the future, we will make small modifications in electronics for these cameras. To be precise: For our GigE uEye cameras of the following CP, FA, and SE families, we are offering you alternative hardware revisions step by step and in addition to our established, but unfortunately limited available GigE models.

New camera models

From GigE Vision firmware 2.10 on, new models are supported. Refer to the datasheet to identify which new features are supported by single camera models.

IMPORTANT! In this version, the new models do not support the PTP feature. The support of the PTP feature will be added in a future firmware version.

Firmware update

Known issues   


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