Release Notes for IDS Software Suite 3.70 (64-bit)


Notes on hardware compatibility   

Note on older USB cameras
All USB CMOS cameras with USB board revision < 2.1 are not supported by driver versions > 3.10. How can you check whether your camera is affected?
Check the serial number of your camera. If it is less than 400 26 27000, your camera will not be compatible with driver versions > 3.10.
If your camera is not compatible with driver versions > 3.10, you can of course continue to use your present driver (up to version 2.40).

Note on updating a GigE uEye SE
The correct firmware of a GigE uEye SE camera is automatically uploaded with driver versions >= 3.40. This process is only available if the firmware version on the camera is also >= 3.40. If not, The camera can not be opened and is labeled respectively in the IDS Camera Manager. The firmware must be uploaded manually over the button 'Upload starter firmware'. The firmware file is located in the installation directory in the folder 'GigE Firmware'. Once updated with the new firmware, the automatic upload is available for future updates.

Note on DHCP configuration
We recommend not to change the DHCP configuration of the network adapter while operating the uEye cameras. If you encounter difficulties, you should reboot your computer system with the desired configuration.

Notes on this release 3.70   

Notes on the additional interfaces 3.70   

DirectShow (Interface version

Notes on this release 3.60   

Notes on the additional interfaces 3.60   

DirectShow (Interface version

ActiveX (Interface version

HALCON: Version for HALCON 7.1 & Version for HALCON 8.0 & Version for HALCON 9.0

The changes are documented in the corresponding manuals


Cognex VisionPro (Interface version

Notes on this release 3.51.3   

Note: This release is only approved for the following camera models: UI-149xLE, UI-112xSE, UI-112xME, UI-512xSE, UI-512xRE

Notes on the additional interfaces 3.51.3   

Notes on this release 3.50.1   

Note: The global start function of the UI-149x and the UI-549x is not implemented yet in contrast to the description in the manual.


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